Saving Lake Tahoe - Water Clarity and the Urban Environment

This excellent short video by Dylan Eichenberg was produced for my seminar at Berkeley, a controlling processes practicum in the Department of Anthropology, titled "Energy-Water-Food: Rethinking Sustainable Futures." His project was shared by the Lake Tahoe News:

"Battles are raging all around for the future of Lake Tahoe. As we are finding out, to preserve the lake’s clarity is to sustain all of those who live, work, and play at this monumental water body.

Although Lake Tahoe is severely threatened, we now hold the key to making a difference. This journey has led me to believe that conservation at Lake Tahoe means far more than just protecting this water’s phenomenal optical qualities; it is something critical to the survival of the human race.

Dylan Eichenberg, a recent UC Berkeley grad who studied conservation and resources studies, grew up in Tahoma"

Saving Lake Tahoe from Dylan Eichenberg on Vimeo.